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Whether you’re still searching for your purpose, looking for your first few clients, or you’re ready to take your revolutionary business to the next level —

I can help

There’s an awakening taking place in your mind and in your soul. You’re tired of waiting until you’re “ready” to rise. You’re here for a reason and you know you don’t need to do it alone.
Everything I create is designed to support you in reaching your goals with soul, strategy, and lots of creative magic.

What do you desire, Wildheart?

Are You Ready for Your Creative Business Revolution?

Get started no matter what level you’re at…

You want to start an online business

There’s only 1 problem…
you don’t know where to start.

Worse yet, you’re questioning if your
gifts are “business material”.
The Divine Purpose Path program will take you through a powerful process designed to bring your purpose into the spotlight and give you the clarity you need to turn it into a business.
From there, you’ll be taken on a journey to create an action plan. No more waiting. No more excuses.
This program is the catalyst you need to get off the fence and start planting the seeds to grow a business that allows for creative freedom and fulfillment on all levels.

“Shereen Sun was able to see my vision when I could not. She held space for the parts of me I had been ignoring. She held me accountable, which ultimately led to me starting my business. It’s been one of the best decisions of my life and one of the greatest gifts. Today I am confident, embodied, and deeply value my talents — all thanks to the amazing support and coaching by Shereen Sun.”

Purpose? Check.

Motivation? check. commitment? check.

What’s missing isn’t the WHY… It’s the HOW.
The Muse Business Academy is a 10 month business accelerator for soul-powered women ready to build their movement. I’ll show you, teach you, and give you everything you need to create a thriving online business from the ground up.
No more second guessing yourself, undercharging, or allowing perfectionism to take over.
This program is about aligned action and creating and implementing a unique, effective, and true to YOU business growth strategy (because one-size-fits all never actually fits).


“When I first met Shereen, I felt like entrepreneurship was unstable or unsafe so I settled and got a corporate job. After I had my spiritual awakening, I realized that I wasn’t living my truth and knew I needed to go all in on my dream career. In less than a year, I was able to replace my well-paying corporate salary, leave my day job, put money into my savings, and grow my audience exponentially. I energetically have more space, more adventures, and more self-care than ever before. I’m crystal clear about who I want to work with and am excited about my mission to help 1 million people connect to their Spirit Guides. I am so grateful I trusted my intuition to say YES to growing my sacred business with Shereen ”

On the outside, your business is successful.

But on the inside, you feel unfulfilled, tired, and stuck –

your creative muse has gone missing, and it’s time to find her.
You’re an experienced online business owner or coach. Making money, finding clients, and marketing yourself come easily, but you’ve realized those things aren’t everything.
Burn out doesn’t feel far off and you know it’s time to do things differently.
You’re craving more pleasure, freedom, fulfillment, and purpose and you’re ready to do what it takes to make that kind of magic happen in your business and your life.
The SPARK program will help you do just that. Reconnect and reclaim your divine right to do business your way. Find your soul path to greater ease and satisfaction minus the struggle.

“Shereen is everything I wanted in a business coach. Practical. To the point. Honest. She leaves me SO inspired to take action. She tells me what others don’t or won’t. She makes sure my message is coming across in the BEST way. And gets me on the path that’s both best for me and the people I serve.”

Private Coaching

Every year, I take on a few select
private clients to mentor and guide

over the course or 6 or 12 months.
Every year, I take on a few select private clients to mentor and guide over the course or 6 or 12 months. If you have a BIG vision and you know you want my help every step of the way, this is for you.
My private mentorship is meant for driven entrepreneurs who want to take strategic and aligned action alongside a qualified, honest, and intuitive coach.
You know you want to do things differently, stand out from the crowd and shine in your uniqueness. And you know that once you do, you’ll find yourself working from a place of intention and flow — attracting clients who are ready for everything you have to offer.
I can help you get there by holding you accountable in the most loving way possible so you can finally take action and share your gifts with the world.

“As soon as she entered my life, she became a powerful symbol of what is possible for me. I have been able to get very clear on my offerings, build a larger audience, start working with long term clients, and make more money than I ever have before with my healing services. Shereen is a well of knowledge and a brilliant business mind. If you are thinking about working with her, do your future self a favor and say yes!”

3 More Ways I can Help You
Create your Dream Biz

Join the Wildhearted Entrepreneur Community

When we choose community over competition, working alongside our wildhearted sisters, we all rise up.
The Wildhearted Entrepreneur Community is a vibrant and engaged group where you’re invited and encouraged to share, go deeper, create powerful connections, talk about your journey, and receive support from like minded world changers.

Take the Quiz and Discover Your Elemental Business Archetype:

Learn How to Harness Your Unique Elemental Energy to Grow Your Business with Flow and Ease.

Take the 5-Day Spark Your Movement Challenge

This challenge is an easy way for you to take the next steps to turn your vision into reality, supported by me and my whole Wildhearted community!
I’ll teach you how to claim your wild and intuitive creativity and then ground it into reality.
All you need to do is set aside a half an hour a day to hang out with me — on your own time!
Together, we’ll work through a very special process to move you through having a bunch of ideas just floating around in the ether to actually manifesting the business of your wildest dreams on this earthly plane.

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I’m Shereen Sun and I help women build thriving online businesses from a foundation of creativity, passion, and so much soul.

I’m not your “average” spiritual
business and creativity coach.

I’m not here to tell you what’s missing — I’m here to remind you that you already have everything you need to create a life-giving business doing what makes you come alive.