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Wildheart Offerings from my Creative Soul to Yours

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Sacred Business Energetics

Nobody ever thinks starting a business will be the greatest personal development experiment of their lives. But the truth is your business is a mirror into your soul.

If you find yourself blocked off from abundance, struggling to find clients, pushing up against a glass ceiling, or hiding instead of getting hella visible — this audio course will help you repattern your brain and master your mindset.

$247 or 3 PAYMENTS OF $97

Sacred Art
of Sales

Sales sound scary but when you embrace what they really are — a sacred energy exchange — everything shifts. In this audio course I walk you through my signature sales process to help you effortlessly take prospects on the journey from lead to client. Learn how to handle objections, and to stand for someone’s vision so that they can’t wait to work with you.

This program includes 3 in-depth modules, 14 lessons, and your very own sales script PDF.

Ready to never struggle with sales again?

$997 or 4 PAYMENTS OF $275

Rock your online summit series

Creating and promoting an interview series is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to build an audience. No FB ads or crazy marketing budget needed. It’s what helped me grow my business from zero to 6-figures in just one year. Through one online series, you can grow your email list and launch your next offering with power and organic highly-converting traffic.

The only problem? Putting an interview series together isn’t nearly and simple and straightforward as it sounds. That’s why I created a course that’ll help you avoid the common obstacles and streamline the process so you can reap all the audience growth benefits without all the growing pains.

Rock your Interview Series includes 16 step-by-step lessons, scripts, and the frameworks and templates you need to successfully rock your future interview series!

$1297 or 3 PAYMENTS OF $475

Wildheart Business Essentials

Just getting started on your business building journey? This A-Z business essentials audio course is for you. I’ll walk you through getting clear on who your clients are, creating a Wildheart business plan, and crafting your first signature offer.

Because building a revolutionary business isn’t just about left-brained logistics, we’ll also cover the mindset and personal development basics that’ll help you reach your goals with far more ease.

$250 or 3 PAYMENTS OF $97

Soulful Marketing

How to Create Unforgettable Content and Market Your Sacred Business

Most soul-centered entrepreneurs hate the idea of marketing themselves, but marketing is really just inspiring people. This audio course will show you how to create content that speaks to the souls of your dream clients in a way that feels hella authentic for you.

You’ll learn how to promote your magical offers using webinars, FB posts, and other types of content. This isn’t just about marketing, it’s about learning to create awesome content and blasting it out into the universe so that your soulmate people can find you.

$497 or 3 PAYMENTS OF $197

Sacred business activations

A Collection of 13 Guided Audio Journeys Into the Heart and Soul of Your Business.

Add the Wildheart Sacred Business Activations to Your Business Building Treasure Chest! These activations are perfect for those times when you feel stuck, confused, frustrated or simply want a bit more peace and clarity.