Sacred Sales Spirit: Wisdom

Your sacred sales spirit is…


“Sometimes I learn something about you because you tell me: your history, your family, your life before we met. But just as often my understanding comes from watching you, intuiting, and making associations.”.” – Ester Perel 

Your wisdom draws your soul clients closer, they want to learn from you, and follow in your footsteps. 

Your wisdom allows you to tackle things head-on with a clear mind and a grounded attitude. Your trusted circle comes to you for advice. You are a calm, sturdy, dependable presence in people’s lives. Chances are that you’ve been called an old soul on more than one occasion. 

Your wisdom makes you confident and firm in your decisions. Your grace, self-awareness, and quiet passion for your life’s work make you shine. You take meaningful insight from your experiences and make the best of what you learn. And it’s obvious that you walk your talk. This makes your soul-clients naturally trust you and your ability to lead them towards their next destination.

What’s holding you back: Sometimes you forget how valuable this life-acquired knowledge is. You’ve spent so much time cultivating your gifts, and your money mindset keeps you from being willing to flex that knowledge and boldly stand in your ability to help people alleviate their suffering and step into greatness. These limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset pop up whenever you  try to do something new. It  manifests in different ways: 

  • Being a people-pleaser on sales calls and not saying what you think or know because you’re afraid of ruffling feathers
  • Being afraid to make the offer because you haven’t put the time into clearly mapping out your program and why it will change your soul-clients life
  • Not standing in your power on a sales call because you’re afraid of seeming like a know-it-all or unkind. 

And for a lot of us, Wise Souls: Money. Money & our  mindset around it is what holds us back. 

We shrink away from sales calls, instead of standing tall in the light of our gifts. We underchange, overdeliver, and never acknowledge the true value of what we can accomplish through our amazing offerings to the world.

Wildheart, hear me when I say this:

Sales is an energetic exchange. 

But the money stories we internalized as children, whether you grew up wealthy or in scarcity, gets internalized. If you have some annoying subconscious beliefs that are seriously getting in the way of you growing that gorgeous business of yours, I want to help you finally get paid well to do what you love. 

We all deserve abundance… but some of us feel like we have to do or be more in order to earn it.

But here’s what I’m here to tell you, you earn abundance simply by being.

Hi, I’m Shereen Sun, and I’m a Creativity Mentor and Sacred Business Coach who works with Wildhearted entrepreneurs and helps you build a business you love that’s full of your soul purpose and creativity. . 

Here’s the card I pulled for you:

Here’s the journal prompt I pulled up for you:

List all of the life-experience you have that makes you qualified to share your gifts NOW. 

(once you’ve journaled on this prompt, send me an e-mail at to let me know what message came through) 

If ever there was a sign that success is a reward for awaits those who take action, it’s this one. 

It’s time to heal yourself by leaning into your divine gifts.

And getting paid very well for it. 

Your gifts were meant to be shared. 

Here’s how you can do that:

The Magical Money Mindset Challenge

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In this FREE 5-day challenge, learn how to master the sacred art of sales and enrollment so you can unleash your most powerful self into the world.

I’ll walk you through:

  • Master your money mindset so you can close sales with confidence 
  • Design your own Magical Signature Offer so you have something brilliant that your clients willl line up to invest in 
  • Price it like a pro and show up to your enrollment process with your most magnetic Radiant Wildheart energy sell with confidence

Get ready to live your most fully expressed life AND fill your client roster with ease. 

Serve passionately, createrelish more, and receive abundantly in every way!

Ready to uplevel your money mindset, embody your value, and raise your rates?