Sacred Sales Spirit: Creativity

Your sacred sales spirit is…


“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

Your creative energy is your superpower!

Your creativity allows you to be energetic, passionate, and solve problems in inspiring, revolutionary ways, which is exactly why your soul clients gravitate towards you. 

You are blessed with intuition and boundless imagination. The forces of thinking and doing combine themselves in you to make you prolific. This energy is absolutely infectious, in the best way. You have the ability to inspire your audience to become empowered creators of their reality too. You always have several projects you’re pouring your soul into, and making the active effort to work towards their fulfillment is what makes you feel most alive. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore your creativity, because that is exactly the vibe that is going to help you rock your next launch, too!

Your creative energy is exactly what brings the money into your business, so tap into it often and give yourself space to flow where your inspiration guides you!

What’s holding you back: As a creative, you are naturally wired to not see the value in your work. We are taught that creatives are struggling, broke artists, and its these te annoying beliefs that pop up in your enrollment process and keep you feeling unsure and disempowered.. These manifest in different ways: 

  • Like when you feel like you need more certifications and credentials in order to share what you know
  • Or undercharging for your creative offerings (if you even share them at all) because you don’t understand how powerful and valauble your work is 
  • Or feeling like no one is going to want to buy the thing that you truly love to share and want to create

And for a lot of us Creative Souls: Our beliefs around money are what hold us back.

We shrink away from sales calls, instead of standing tall in the light of our gifts. We are afraid to invite people to work with us because who are we to declare ourselves an expert in… anything?! We underchange, overdeliver, and never acknowledging the true value and impact of what we can accomplish. 

And it keeps us stuck. For days, weeks, years, and even decades

Listen to me, Wildheart:

Sales is an energetic exchange. 

But the money stories we internalized as children: whether you grew up wealthy or in scarcity, get internalized. If you have some annoying subconscious beliefs that are seriously getting in the way of you growing that gorgeous business of yours, I want to help you finally get paid well to do what you love.

I’m going to show you that you earn every type of abundance simply by being and living in your truth.

Hi, I’m Shereen Sun, and I’m a Creativity Mentor and Sacred Business Coach who works with Wildhearted entrepreneurs to help you build a business you love that’s full of your soul purpose, and creativity.  

Here’s the card I pulled for you:

Here’s the journal-prompt I pulled up for you: 

Why is your creativity a valuable gift to the world? 

(once you’ve journaled on this prompt, send me an e-mail at to let me know what message came through) 

If ever there was a sign that success is a reward for awaits those who take action, it’s this one. 

It’s time to heal yourself by leaning into your divine gifts.

And getting paid very well for it. 

Your gifts were meant to be shared. 

Here’s how you can do that:

The Magical Money Mindset Challenge

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In this FREE 5-day challenge, learn how to master the sacred art of sales and enrollment so you can unleash your most powerful self into the world.

I’ll walk you through:

  • Master your money mindset so you can close sales with confidence 
  • Design your own Magical Signature Offer so you have something brilliant that your clients willl line up to invest in 
  • Price it like a pro and show up to your enrollment process with your most magnetic Radiant Wildheart energy sell with confidence

Get ready to live your most fully expressed lifevibrantly AND fill your client roster with ease. 

Serve passionately, createrelish more, and receive abundantly in every way!

Ready to uplevel your money mindset, embody your value, and raise your rates?