Sacred Sales Spirit: Compassion

Your sacred sales spirit is…


“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness”

– Thich Nhat Hanh 

Your massive capacity for kindness sets you apart! 

Your spirit is extremely sensitive to the deepest needs of others, and ever-willing to swoop in with a nurturing hand. You seek to bring healing change to the lives of those who you serve in your business, and this presence and benevolence is what attracts clients to your work. Your soothing warmth ignites the best in people and makes them feel safe. Your soul clients see you as an honest, optimistic, and giving spirit. 

Your generous heart is capable of making a real, meaningful difference in the world, and chances are that you’re well on your way to doing so already. Your deep empathy manifests itself in your business, and you bring the magic of selflessness to everything you do. It’s the way that you make people feel that encourages them to want to invest in your work. So keep holding that gentle space, but be sure to practice healthy boundaries and empowered strength so that you don’t overgive. 

What’s holding you back: You’re so kind and generous that sometimes you forget that you deserve to have your needs met too. 

Your money mindset and all the annoying limiting beliefs that pop up when it’s time to close the sale.  These manifest in different ways: 

  • Paying everyone else before you pay yourself 
  • Being willing to negotiate your rates or vastly undercharge so you can help everybody 
  • Not making enough money to cover your business and personal expenses but still offering mostly sliding scale services 

And for a lot of us, Compassionate Souls: What’s holding us back is money.

You shrink away from sales calls, instead of standing tall in the light of your gifts. You constantly underchange, overdeliver, and rarely acknowledge the true power of the work that you do. And it has you feeling overworked and underpaid. 

But it’s time to say enough is enough

Sales is an energetic exchange. 

But the money stories we internalized as children: whether you grew up in abundance or scarcity,  get internalized. Couple that with all of the challenges of being an artist, a healer, and an activist and… 

Chances are that your sales and money mindset isn’t what it needs to be to rock your launch and finally create the income that you’ve been desiring. 

But here’s what I’m here to tell you, you earn abundance simply by being.

You deserve to get paid well to do what you love. 

Hi, I’m Shereen Sun, and I’m a Creativity Mentor & Sacred Business Coach who works with wildhearted entrepreneurs and helps them build world-changing businesses that fulfill their soul’s purpose. While making you lots of money through your creativity with a process I teach called the Sacred Art of Sales. 

Here’s the card I pulled for you:

Here’s the journal-prompt I pulled for you: 


How is your mindset around sales and money related to your ability to practice compassion for yourself? 

(once you’ve journaled on this prompt, send me an e-mail at to let me know what message came through) 


If ever there was a sign that success is a reward for  those who take action, it’s this one. 

It’s time to heal yourself by leaning into your divine gifts.

And getting paid very well for it. 

Your gifts were meant to be shared. 

Here’s how you can do that:

The Magical Money Mindset Challenge

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I’ll walk you through:

  • Master your money mindset so you can close sales with confidence 
  • Design your own Magical Signature Offer so you have something brilliant that your clients willl line up to invest in 
  • Price it like a pro and show up to your enrollment process with your most magnetic Radiant Wildheart energy 

Get ready to live your most fully expressed life AND fill your client roster with ease. 

Serve passionately, create more, and receive abundantly in every way!

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