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The Wildheart Manifesto

Here’s to us: the wild, the wicked and the free
The dancers, the dreamers, the revolutionaries
The Wildhearts. Here’s to you

Business, art, and creativity can feel like an unlikely combination.

Your art is sacred, private, and raw. And we’re conditioned to think business is cold, sleazy and disconnected.

That’s where so many of us go wrong.

Your gift is your purpose and your business is a vehicle for you to share that sacred offering with the world.

You have a life-giving, world changing business inside you.
And it’s time to let it out.


Go beyond fear, strip away your preconceived ideas about what business is or should be, and lean into your creative mission.

You deserve a space that lets you reconnect with your most authentic self so you can grow your business from a place of liberation, creativity, and radical pleasure (self-doubt be damned).

Your Sacred Business Will Liberate You

Surrounded by other people who understand how special you are, and who’ll celebrate you even when you can’t see your own magic.

You deserve that community. And I have just the one for you.

Welcome to
Muse Business Academy

A 4-month Sacred Business Transformation to help you generate revenue by getting your life’s work out into the world

My Muse Business Academy grads
have been featured in

23k+ in our Community

125+ MBA Graduates

6+ years of Successful Results

The Muse Business Academy is a 4-month business
accelerator designed for sacred rebels, Wildhearts and
creative souls who want to combine their
creative magic with rock solid business strategy
that supports and fastracks your business’
growth and teaches you essential leadership
skills so you can THRIVE while
making an impact .

Your 4-Month

Transformation Blueprint

In just 4 months, you’ll learn how to:

Shift your beliefs around marketing forever. Go from cringing at the thought of self-promotion to recognizing that it’s an opportunity for healing and connection


Tap into your zone of genius and create a unique brand that stands out from the crowd help you create a niche for yourself


Figure out your initial offers and use the skills you already have to generate consistent income and recurring monthly revenue

Unleash your deepest creativity so that your business feels like your most magical art project

Cultivate collaborative relationships with amazing Wildhearts who will promote your work, hold you accountable, and uplift you


Earn consistent $5-10k months in your business and get your first 5-10 regular paying clients


Grow your social media presence, your audience, and your sales by approaching business through a creative lens


Stop comparing yourself with others and find your unique voice as a leader so you can influence others in the way only you can

Get out of your comfort zone to finally be seen in your truth and authentic self expression

Muse is about your Magic.
But it’s also about serious business-changing strategy.

Learn how to choose the right path to grow your business, whether that’s a summit, challenges, and more. Your soul work deserves to be out into the world, so that the people who need it most, can find it.

Muse comes with a plan – a step-by-step strategy that will bring you the momentum that your business needs, without compromising on your sacred mission. You’ll be digging deep and doing the real work – with coursework, homework, and more.

It’s time to launch thoughtfully and strategically.

No more throwing spaghetti at the wall.

It’s time to step out of the shadows and
into your own radiance.

This is a no-strings attached coaching call with our Intuitive Business Strategist
to determine if Muse is the right fit for your needs


"This was my first online event ever, but it ended up going viral and broke the yoga internet!"

“Shereen’s guidance helped me maximize the impact of an online summit to reach over 8000 people.

Shereen helped me lead with my values, clarify my messaging, and stand tall as a leader in my industry. She gave me solid strategic advice that was spiritually grounded. I highly recommend Muse as a top business program out there, especially for folks at the beginning or early on in their business journey.

You’ll find valuable business strategy, dynamic creativity, and equity-centered values. This program gives abundantly in terms of high-quality business and marketing training, and it’s a wise investment for any beginning entrepreneur.”

Susanna Barkataki | MBA Graduate

Yoga Teacher & Trainer. Best-Selling Author. Speaker.

70k+ Followers

Meet Your Guide

My name is Shereen Sun and I know exactly what you’re going through.

I want you to know that as a Wildheart, you’re uniquely suited to be a highly successful entrepreneur.

In the Muse Business Academy, you’ll learn how to turn your magic into your greatest asset in business. You already have what it takes. All you need is a fool-proof strategy and a system that holds you accountable to your most authentic desires so you can launch into a life that feels purposeful, abundant, consistent, and brimming with opportunities.

Meet Your Guide

My name is Shereen Sun and I know exactly what you’re going through.

I want you to know that as a Wildheart, you’re uniquely suited to be a highly successful entrepreneur.

In the Muse Business Academy, you’ll learn how to turn your magic into your greatest asset in business. You already have what it takes. All you need is a fool-proof strategy and a system that holds you accountable to your most authentic desires so you can launch into a life that feels purposeful, abundant, consistent, and brimming with opportunities.

Business is a Sacred Journey.
Are you ready to take the first step?
Find out if this is the right path for you.


“Ultimately having Shereen and this community reminding me of my value has been so important to my success. When I’ve needed it, she’s been responsive and held my hand through the bumps in the road. I just signed up a 6 week private client for $12k and I couldn’t have done it without the MBA

Ruby Chase

Singer-Songwriter, DJ, Creativity Coach

16.3k+ Followers

Practical Business Advice Designed for Creative Business

With over 120+ successful graduates



Welcome to the Muse Business Academy

Be the kind of student and leader that gets results.

We’ll also be working on your mindset so your business is built on a strong foundation of self-belief, and belief in what you’re creating.

You’ll learn how to embrace your uniqueness and unapologetically show up as yourself in your business.

You will learn how to: 

Begin your business from a strong foundation of believing in yourself and what you’re creating

Go out there and learn what your soul clients want through field exercises and more

Create YOUR unique magical offer - one that they can’t resist



Unleash Your Pleasure & Creativity!

Welcome to the Pleasure Zone!

In this module, you’ll learn exactly what your zone of genius is, your artistry in the world, and tap into your Star Power to stand out from the crowd. What turns you on?

You’ll lead your business from a place of feeling good and let that excitement and energy guide you to create offers that are irresistible to your Soul Clients.



Lead with Your Values

What do you stand for? What’s your message and movement that you’re here to spark? What’s the conversation you want to be having with the world?

In this module, you’ll get crystal clear on what your values are & what liberates you so that you can build a business around it. You’ll do deep inner-work so that you can feel fully inspired and in total integrity with your offers.

The result will be an exponential increase in your confidence so you can take up more space being seen in your magic and knowing the impact that you’re here to make.



Create Your Initial Offers & Manifest Money Fast!

Here, you’ll figure out exactly what it is that you want to offer by tapping into your creative magic.

Your business is all about letting your creativity flow. I’ll help you get out of your head and into what truly inspires you so you can have a lot more fun sharing your “work.”

We will hone in on your messaging to make sure you’re solving high-level problems for the people you truly want to serve so you can see the $$$ come in fast.

You’ll be creating offers that excite you and that you can’t wait to share with the world.



The Sacred Art of Sales

Ready to launch? This module is ALL about getting comfortable with the sacred art of selling.

You’ll learn my step-by-step blueprint for leading enrollment calls like a boss and hold a transformational space that inspires your SoulClients to be excited to invest with you.


Mindset Magic

Meet Your Inner Critics

Pull up a chair and sit down with your Inner Critic Posse.

We’ll be getting up close and personal with discomfort this week as we learn how to transform your relationship with your inner critic.

This module will help you expertly navigate any fears that come up, especially as you start enrolling people into your program & closing those Sacred Sales.



Generate New Leads & Fill Your Programs

You’ll learn how to generate your highest paying leads and sign up the dreamiest SoulClients ever into packages that bring you recurring monthly revenue.

You’ll learn how to organically reach out and connect with people who express interest in your work and enroll them into offers that will change their lives forever.



Social Media Magic & Build Your Email List

Your platform is the key to endless opportunities and financial abundance. Want a book deal? Speaking gig? Or any other cool opportunity? Then it’s time to grow your audience into an asset.

Your sparkling personality is your biggest social media weapon! In this module you’ll learn how to effectively express your uniqueness online to grow your audience & create a powerful community that supports your work.

You’ll create content that sells for you and entices your SoulClients to reach out and connect with you via DM. You’ll also learn how to grow a solid e-mail list in an organic, healthy way so you always have a list of people who are excited and interested in your offers.

"I’ve gone from having a scarce activist mindset to making $15k and $20k in a DAY."

“Before working with Shereen, I went from certification to certification hoping that my business would finally take off.

Shereen told me I had all the expertise within me already, and to stay focused on my zone of genius: Storytelling.

I hired Shereen because I don’t see many examples of women of color doing this work successfully and unapologetically, and she’s so intuitive when it comes to helping you get unstuck.

Shereen’s teaching style was perfect for my creative brain!

My first online program filled up faster than I expected (and went over capacity!!). I’m now a proud six-figure business owner.

I’ve gone from having a scarce activist mindset to making $15k and $20k in a DAY. I had to work hard to get here, but with every challenge I had expert mentorship from Shereen.

What I’m most proud of is that I’m doing it from a place of service.

Shereen has returned my investment tenfold and showed me that spirituality and entrepreneurship can coexist in an infinitely abundant universe. And so it is!”

Jumakae | MBA Graduate

Storytelling Coach. Spoken Word Artist. Motivational Speaker. Podcaster.

(@Jumakae) 8k+ Followers

Here’s what your future holds:

🌟 3 Skill-Building Group Coaching Calls a Month

No question is off-limits, big or small! THIS is where you’ll be coached on your strategy so you’re always sure what your next step is. You’ll walk away with the clarity and courage to move forward powerfully. When I said I’d be guiding you throughout the entire program, I wasn’t joking. As a team, we’ll review your offers, truly grow your audience, and 2x, 3x, or 10x your profits -together

🌟 Creative Embodiment Calls

Your business will work better when you lead it from an embodied place. We’ll be holding you accountable so you can let go of resistance, grow out of your comfort zone, and live your message in how you carry yourself. We’ll show you how to access your channel of creativity and express it unabashedly through your life. You will feel like the most artistic and liberated version of yourself as we practice dancing, painting, writing and movement. We’ll make more room for your inner artist to work (and play!) from a healthy, supportive, and embodied place while turning the dial to generate more revenue in your business. These calls might include dance, somatic healing, creativity practices, or co-working together in our inspired atmosphere.

🌟 Private Mentorship

While group sessions are absolute energy-infusers, I understand the need for 1:1 safe spaces in this industry. In Muse, you will get both kinds of support. As a part of MBA, you will receive one monthly coaching call. And if you seek a deeper creative refuge, you’ll also have the option to access voice messaging support, and longer calls with Shereen & our Wildheart Business Coaches. We’ll be tracking your progress and supporting you as you get results by holding you accountable to your own goals and progress in the program. If you’re veering off the path or fall into old patterns, we’ll be there to steer you back to the sacred path you belong on.

🌟 Heart Council

This is your space for creative and spiritual processing. Growing your business and making money through your soul gifts for the first time is a huge deal! Being in an environment where you don’t have people who understand your business or believe in your power can make growth feel like a very daunting process.  You need a space to process and be held in the big emotions and deep healing that you’re moving through with people who actually understand. 

💞 Our Heart Council is a special safe space for you to share, work through, and be witnessed in the big emotions that you are transmuting by being in our community. 💞

🌟 Incredible Guest Teachers

I’m abundantly fortunate to know some of the industry’s top leaders who have very generously agreed to come in and teach you everything from facilitation and leadership to accounting & taxes, equity & inclusion, creativity, storytelling, and social media magic! 

Our Wildheart Guest Experts are just as motivated as you are to help your business step into the greatness it (And YOU) are destined for. Growing your business requires lots of new skills, and we’re committed to bringing you the best of the best so that you always get the most up-to-date training on strategy & marketing to generate revenue.

"I’ve sold out of my coaching services. I just generated $12,000 through a course I haven’t even launched yet."

“When I met Shereen, I had just left my nonprofit job and wasn’t sure which way to go. I was afraid to charge money for my gifts and didn’t believe in myself as a teacher.

Shereen showed me a beautiful example of what’s possible when you trust yourself and your voice. She saw my strengths when I couldn’t and helped me figure out a niche that I’m thriving in.

Growing my business has been so healing and abundant. I’ve sold out of my coaching services. I just generated $12,000 through a course I haven’t even launched yet.

My business keeps on growing and I’ve already hit multiple six-figures while having more fun and pleasure than ever. In Muse, I learned that business is wildly creative. I’ve manifested my dream business, home, and relationship and have never felt more empowered & aligned.“

Tara Moraleda | MBA Graduate

Abundance Coach

(@taramorelove) 8k+ Followers

Plus UNLIMITED ACCESS to some of my best resources:

✨ Divine Purpose Path ($497 Value)

A 6-week business foundation deep dive that’ll have you living your best life through a step-by-step soul-driven quest for purpose and clarity.

You’ll be led through my signature elemental journey that will guide you through a 6-step manifestation process to chart your journey to your divine purpose and turn it into a life-affirming and seriously impactful freedom-based business. If you’ve got any lingering Inner-Critics to work through, questions around your messaging, or just need a boost in your money mindset, this program will help you begin to lay the foundation for your soulful business in just 6 weeks!

✨ The Vault ($4444 value)

A 4 month subscription to our library during your term.

Get access to a top-secret vault of training from leading experts on everything from storytelling to rocking your Instagram, to pitching your offers, and holding trauma-informed mentorship spaces for your clients. We’ve got a full library of resources that you can have access to as you need specific trainings while you work your unique plan for Business Expansion.

“I thought parts of me were contradictory to one another and Muse allowed me the space to really own these parts of myself. I was trying to compartmentalize and wasn’t quite sure how all parts of me fit together.

Muse allowed me to see that I didn’t have to figure out, but realize that all of these parts were what made me me. The process has been about me stepping into more of myself. It’s been a great healing journey to own these parts of me and share them with the world”

Who is the Muse Academy For?

You’re a few months into your business, and have already taken a few sales calls, gotten some client interest, and built out your social media presence. Now, you need something that will help you get to the next level, bring you regular paying clients, and help you finally see those $5-10K months you’ve been longing for!

You’re committed to doing the inner work to make sure you reach that next step in your career. 

You WANT to grow your business in a healthy, organic way, but you’re afraid of taking the next step because you need more support. Your nerves are just your inner overprotector (what I renamed my Inner-Critics) trying to keep you safe, but in your heart you know that it’s time for you to retake the reins. 

You can visualize your ideal life. You know what you want from your business, and from the universe – and you’re ready to receive. 

You’re ready to become more confident in the art of sacred sales and marketing to allow abundance and flow naturally into your life.

You’re committed to doing the inner work to make sure you reach that next step in your career.

"I feel a huge momentum building on my career path"

” It was only a few months into Muse that I had my first 5 figure month, clearing $17,500 with my first offering ever. I became more confident in my ability to talk to any potential clients about what I’m offering, from the HEART, while approaching the conversation with beautiful, clean energetics rooted in service. I can say that this by FAR the best return of investments I’ve ever made… I literally SEXTUPLED my investment (Totally had to google that word. Yes, 6x.)! And I’m still reaping the benefits of this work even though I graduated from years ago. I’ve grown my platform to 80k+ and 5 figure launches now happen with ease and certainty. I feel a huge momentum building on my career path”

Torie Feldman | MBA Graduate

Sacred Ancestry Coach. Social Media Strategist. Flow Artist. Writer.

(@SacredAncestry) 80k+ Followers

Still not sure?

Book a Discovery Call with our Intuitive Business Strategist to figure out if Muse is perfect for you

Got Questions? I’ve got a crystal ball.

I’m trying to build a business while juggling a full-time job. What if I can’t make time for MBA?

I’ve had hundreds of Muse graduates come to me with this exact same question.

And I’ll tell you now what I told them before: Muse was built to honor your growth, in your time.

Muse will fit in seamlessly with your day job. Spend an hour on your business every day and watch it grow from strength to strength. And I promise you’ll still make time to be in flow for your art, make time for your loved ones, and engage in a nurturing community. 🎨

With all of that being said, let me let you in on a secret:

Working with a strategic coach and mentor SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY IN THE LONG RUN.

Once you’ve created your Magical Offer with my Sacred Sales Blueprint, you won’t have to waste hours constantly hustling new leads.

Nope. Instead, you’ll enjoy 4 to 5-figure months because your soulmate clients will be magnetized to YOU. 🙌🏾

That means getting paid more for your time so you don’t have to hustle around the clock.


I give you complete access to tons of BONUSES dedicated to transforming leads into clients, so enrollment becomes something you can do with your eyes closed.

And believe me when I say every second of Muse will be worth your while and on purpose – I’ll never make you do anything that’s a waste of your time! 🕓

Sales and marketing still feels sleazy to me, can Muse help me with that?

Marketing is sleazy if you use sleazy tactics.

Those tactics don’t feel aligned with your creative spirit and mission of service. But if you do it right, marketing is fun, impactful and sacred. 💌

At Muse, we’ll work together to shift your mindset around sales and marketing. We’ll also equip you with the powerful tools and strategies you need to use marketing as a vehicle that showcases your work and helps your audience know, like, and trust you.

Remember, if done right, marketing can feel creative, liberating, and even healing, since it allows you to speak your truth and reach the right people in a meaningful way. 🕊️

What if I’m not ready for this right now?

A few years ago, Susanna Barkataki almost said “no” to joining Muse Business Academy because she felt she wasn’t ready to make the investment.

Something drove her to change her mind at the last moment.

And this is where she’s at now:

🙏🏽 In her very first year of Muse, her content went VIRAL.
🙏🏽 She added 9000 people to her mailing list.
🙏🏽 She’s since flown all over the world to speak.
🙏🏽 AND she was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine, which is a HUGE deal.
🙏🏽 Her teacher trainings sell out almost a year in advance

The truth is, being ready doesn’t exist.

You’re never going to feel ready until you take the leap and find your wings!

Muse will show you exactly how so you can get off the fence and start building your business with your unique, artistic vision in the driving seat.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll be coasting on that recurring monthly revenue and a creative mission that moves itself forward with all of the momentum you’ll learn to cultivate. 💫

So even if you feel afraid to begin, I urge you to take that first step and apply if you feel called.

I only sell single sessions, will MBA still be useful for me?

If you’re selling single sessions while dreaming of making 5-figures a month, it means you need to break out of that structure (and set your sights on bigger goals) ASAP! There is a world of opportunity in packaging your offers and selling them to your Soul Clients in a way that brings you consistent, stable, month-to-month revenue that you can rely on.

🤝And at the Muse Business Academy, that’s exactly what we’ll help you do:

We’ll work together to design a marketing plan that’ll let you consistently attract and enroll clients.

We’ll also help you create a package that’ll take your clients on a transformational journey AND give you the financial stability to nourish yourself and serve your community better.

If you’re still on the fence about Muse, you can book a free call with us here and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for each other!

Can’t I just figure this out on my own with a little bit of research (and lots of free advice, lol)?

Building a business is about community. Not tidbits of information scavenged from blog posts. Building a business on your own is lonely, and it’s easy to lose focus, motivation and inspiration when it’s just you behind your laptop with no one to connect, share and commiserate with.

You can’t do this alone.

And you shouldn’t have to.

Muse is all about sharing your experience of growth with a community that understands you, appreciates you, and is right there with you on your journey.

These are the people who are going to share your work, collaborate with you to help you grow your audience.

Together, you’ll practice sales calls.
Hold each other accountable.
Cowork together.
They’ll reflect your magic when you start to forget.

This community was BUILT to uplift you.

There is no competition or scarcity.

You’ll go further, because we all go together.

I’m ready for this program, but I’m worried about how it’ll affect me emotionally.

I won’t lie, MBA will push you to face your inner fears and acknowledge your fear of failure, rejection, your self-worth, and your relationship with money. We do the deep work to reach the parts of yourself that you might’ve been avoiding to fully and completely liberate you.

You’ll be facing ALL of that in the healthiest, least intimidating way possible. 💜

This is about you owning all parts of yourself with pride, and you are going to be doing this with TONS of support.

The only way out is through, and there’s no time like now to address your lingering fears about business, sharing your message, and taking up the space you deserve, to create the impact that you want. 🌈

And remember this, creative magic + devotion = business growth!

“I hit my first six-figure year in Year 3 of my business and am on track to double my revenue in Year 4!”

“It is your birthright to be liberated in this lifetime, but it is a journey that no one person can do alone. I couldn’t have birthed a successful, sacred, love-fueled, faith-filled, purpose-rooted business in 1 YEAR were it not for the daily and consistent support, accountability and guidance of Shereen Sun.

I am so grateful for the loving connections with sacred business that she embodies. I cannot tell you how rare it is to meet a business coach who offers a perfect balance of strategy and intuition, the head and the heart, the tactical and the magical. After joining Muse Business Academy for 2 years, I am proud to share that I hit my first six-figure year in Year 3 of my business and am on track to double my revenue in Year 4!”

Charlotte Nguyen | MBA Graduate

Spiritual Mentor& Transformational Coach. Community Organizer. Dancer. Bodhisattva.

(@Lotusinaseaoffire) 18k Followers

Speak to our Intuitive Business Specialist about whether Muse is the right fit for you.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and a whole world to gain.

Here’s what your future could look like

Speak to our Intuitive Business Specialist about whether Muse is the right fit for you.

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