Question for all soulful creative entrepreneurs

who’ve second-guessed themselves for far too long and are READY to make an income and an impact…

If there were a way to GROW a thriving online business from a place of purpose, creativity, and soulful alignment…

Would you finally feel confident in your ability to take action and scale the life-giving, world changing business you’ve been creating?

Wildhearted Womxn,

anything short of a HECK YES is holding you back from your purpose and impact…

 The gifts you have to offer this world are monumental. Everyday, someone who needs you is searching — to no avail. Because you’re still hiding. From your truth, your voice, your vision AND your impact.

You’ve already put in the work. But you know you’re capable of so much more. Fear has held you hostage for too long. You’ve been playing small.

If you know without a doubt that you are ready to scale your online business on your own terms — without unhealthy hustle, unnecessary struggle, and free from slimy sales…


If you want to take your current business to the next level, attract dreamy ideal clients, charge what your worth, package up your offers and hit consistent $10k months in your business.

Maybe you want to launch your group program. Or sell out your private mentorship. You know you need an energy shift and new strategies so that abundance flows naturally…

… then keep reading.

Because what I’m going to share with you has changed lives and it could change yours too.

This is a pivotal moment in your business growth journey and an epic opportunity for you to say YES to
holistic, harmonious, and healing success while also creating WAY MORE PROFIT. .


10-Month Creative Business Accelerator

100+ Graduates
16K+ Community Members

4+ Successful Rounds of Academy

12+ years
Coaching / Education


You’ve answered the call

You’re ready to take things to the next level. WHAT NOW?



A 10 month business accelerator for soul-powered creators ready to be free.

You’re Ready To…

  • Have sure-fire, honest, and loving guidance in your business development from a strategic coach & mentor you trust and who holds you accountable, no matter what.
  • Enter into a beautiful relationship with your business to finally embody your true value, unleash your creativity, and receive lots more money your work. Want to 2x, 3x, or 10x your income while working less hours? We’ve got you.
  • Get passionately riled up, 100% fueled by your vision, and committed to doing what it takes to make essential change in your life and in the world
  • Scale your extraordinary life and business because you know the two are intimately connected. When you align your life vision with sacred business strategy, magic happens.

Growing your Business is Sacred

It’s time to go from seeing business building as daunting and not fun to EXPERIENCING your business as
the juicy, creative, abundant 
art project that it is.

My Muse Business Academy grads
have been featured in

“”It is your birthright to be liberated in this lifetime, but it is a journey that no one person can do alone. I couldn’t have birthed a successful, sacred, love-fueled, faith-filled, purpose-rooted business in 1 YEAR were it not for the daily and consistent support, accountability and guidance of Shereen Sun.

I am so grateful for the loving connections with sacred business that she embodies. I cannot tell you how rare it is to meet a business coach who offers a perfect balance of strategy and intuition, the head and the heart, the tactical and the magical.  After starting my coaching business and working with Shereen for a year and a half, I am so proud to share that I am on track to make 6 figures by the end of Year 2!”

Charlotte Nguyen| MBA Graduate

Growing your business is the best
personal development program
you’ll ever go through.

It’s intense, full of challenges with equal measures of beauty.

It’s a continuous opportunity to learn, explore, and transform your life and the lives of others.

But if you’re familiar with spiritual work, you also know about the shadow.

We all have them and I don’t mean the dark patch of ground that follows you around when the sun is shining.

Your shadow is the parts of yourself that are hard to confront. Fear, anger, limiting beliefs — these are all elements of your shadow.

They exist in business too and dare I say
they’re even more intense.

I’ve certainly felt the shadowy pull to hide away and pretend to be somebody else. Have you?

Listen, because you’re here, I know you’re someone who wants to do things differently.

You don’t want to work to make someone else’s dreams come true, you want to honor your own.

You can’t play small anymore. You want your spiritual work to be your full-time gig. No more side hustling, because you are here to make the biggest impact you possibly can.
In fact, it hurts to think that you might not have what it takes to bring your vision to life at the scale that you want to.

You doubt yourself at times. The second guessing and the what ifs and the idea that everything needs to be perfect, it’s all holding you back from aligning with the greater possibilities that ARE available to you.

I see you. I’ve been there.
You’re not alone.

You CAN powerfully scale your sacred business that’s built on a foundation of creativity, self-expression, healing, impact, & purpose.

“Ultimately having Shereen and this community reminding me of my value has been so important to my success. When I’ve needed it, she’s been responsive and held my hand through the
bumps in the road.”

– Ruby Chase |MBA Graduate

“I have grown immensely. One of the biggest things that stands out for me is how I show up as a leader. What this program has really given me is BIG permission to be myself AND an authentic businesswoman.”

– Maga Joana | Sound Practitioner & Energy Healer

My name is Shereen Sun and I know exactly what you’re going through.

I want you to know that as a wildhearted woman, you’re uniquely suited to be a highly successful entrepreneur.

In the Muse Business Academy, you’ll learn how to turn your magic into your greatest asset in business. You already have what it takes. All you need is a fool-proof strategy and a system that holds you accountable to your most genuine desires so you can launch into a life that feels purposeful, abundant, consistent, and brimming with opportunities.

Is your desire to manifest a consistent, stable, impact-driven business too strong for you to ignore a second longer?


In my first year, I made over six figures. The money wasn’t my biggest motivator, but it was a measurement of my impact. Through my business, I found that I am able to help more people in a way that feels authentic and true to who I am. I get to be my own boss and create a supportive container within which I can thrive. I get to have freedom on my own terms, while knowing that I’m being of service and doing my part to make the world a better, more beautiful place.

Why am I telling you this? Because it can happen for you, too! You don’t need to settle, you don’t need to compromise. If you’re wanting to take your business to the next level, it’s time for you to infuse it with your wildest creativity, authenticity, and passion, When you approach your business as your most important creative project, you’ll create unstoppable results, exponential impact, and an abundance of profit. Freedom is yours to claim, but first you have to say a resounding “YES!” to yourself.

I want you to know that freedom is yours if you want it.

I’m not special, different from you, or just plain lucky. You can grow your business the strategic way, in a way that works with your heart-centered creative spirit. And you can have lots of fun in the process. In the Muse Business Academy, I’m going to show you how to achieve personal and financial freedom through your business.

100+ Graduates
16K+ Community Members
4+ Rounds of Academy

12+ years
Coaching / Education

You CAN scale your business as big as you want it to go.
6 figures? 7 figures? It doesn’t have to take you 3 or 4 years to start making a stable and abundant income in your business.
For me,

it only took 6 months to become
financially thriving.

This, after years of struggle, fear, and scarcity.

You might have been taught that you have to change who you are to be a

businesswoman, but what if you could use your creativity and

everything that inspires you, PLUS sacred strategies to build YOURSELF a passage way to freedom?



My Muse Business Academy grads
have been featured in



Embody Your Vision to Create Your Best Life

What you’ll learn:
Craft a signature offer that will bring in recurring, consistent 4 or 5-figure months.
Breakthrough money scarcity that is keeping you stuck and undercharging
Design your ideal lifestyle so your business model meets your desires
Write compelling copy that magnetizes your Soulmate Clients into high-end offers.



Reclaim Your Passion and Ignite Your Purpose Revolution!

What you’ll learn:
Determine your unique path to creating a never-ending stream of leads
Unleash your creativity with dynamic, inspiring content that grows your audience
Plan a wildly profitable launch to sell out your program and 2x, 3x, or 10x your income
Develop a “know, like, and trust” factor to become a thought-leader in your industry



Embody Your Vision to Create Your Best Life

Here’s how you’ll get there
Master the Sacred Art of Sales so you can confidently enroll your clients
Pitch your services and powerfully make offers that people WANT to buy
Fill your signature program through webinars, live events, and breakthrough sessions
Make a bigger impact while working less hours through embodied mindset hacks

What’s it like to work with me?

Here’s what my
clients are saying:

“Shereen is everything I wanted in
a business coach. Practical.
To the point. Honest.

She leaves me SO inspired to take action.
She tells me what others don’t or won’t.

She makes sure my message is coming across in the BEST way. And gets me on the path that’s
both best for me and the people I serve.

I highly recommend Shereen.”


There are lots of business coaches out there who will claim to make you tens of thousands of dollars. They’ll sell you a program that is one-size-fits-all, but won’t work for YOU:
A creative, magical being coming into your own power in a very unique way.

In my Muse Business Academy, you’re going to learn how to successfully scale your Sacred Business in a way thats simple, intuitive, and strategic.

You’ll learn how to launch your private mentorship or group program, make compelling offers, and stop trading dollars for hours.
You’ll learn business and
marketing strategies that are effective and leave nothing out.

Best of all, your creativity will become your greatest asset and will catapult you
towards being seen as a unique thought­leader in your industry. You’ll grow your platform and create inspired, dynamic content that attracts your perfect-match clients.

You’ll begin to reframe those familiar blocks or self­-sabotaging habits as opportunities to unleash even more creativity and tune into your highest self. You’ll scale your business
to new heights while staying grounded in what feels true and authentic for YOU.


Muse Business Academy blends working on yourself with working
on your business… because you can’t have one without the other.


Exponential growth in your impact and income in a way that feels GOOD in your body.


You know you can create
the abundance you deserve…


you just need sacred support + strategy to step forward with total confidence.

You’re an upcoming leader on a mission. You’re committed to getting the support you need because your sacred offering is THAT important to you.

You’re resourceful; you have special gifts to offer and how to make our planet better. You KNOW you have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of others.

You’re a change-maker! You’re ready to leave your mark on the world. You want you business to be wildly profitable but you also want to lead from the heart.

You’ve already started to grow your business but feel like something is missing. Whether it’s a spark of passion or needing more structure and consistency. You know you want to make your business soar this year but you have some gaps to fill.



2 Monthly Trainings

These trainings will take you step by step through the journey of growing your soul-centered business. I’ll hold your hand in packaging up your offers, growing your audience, and smashing through your sales goals& teach you what you need to know for maximum success in a short amount of time, all while staying true to yourself. 

Exclusive Skill Building
Library Access

Get exclusive access to my Membership portal database with ALL of my courses. You can binge on these fun and informative trainings at your own pace, so you’ll never be bored or wondering what the next step is! Courses include the Divine Purpose Path, Sacred Sales, Soulful Marketing, Sacred Business Energetics, Rock your Virtual Summit, and Wildheart Business Essentials. Plus, SO much more!

Consciousness Activation

A 2.5 hour virtual retreat where we’ll dive into all things MONEY. You’ll learn my signature Sacred Sales process so that you can become the Enrollment QUEEN that you are meant to be. Handle objections like a boss and stand in integrity knowing that you lead from the heart and get paid well for doing so!

2 Monthly Group
Coaching Calls:

Get laser focused coaching around your questions. Anything is fair-game: from strategy and mindset to breaking through your visibility blocks. These calls are activating, interesting, and inspiring. You’ll leave with your questions answered so you can powerfully take the next step.

Creative Assignments &
Guided Meditations

Because your business is your most important masterpiece. You’ll be connecting to your creativity regularly to uncover deeper truths about your purpose & work in the world.You’ll unleash your creativity and grow a business that feels more dynamic and alive.

Small Group & Private Mentorship 

Do you know that you thrive with small group or private attention? With the Muse Business Academy, you can choose the container that’s right for you. We have several fabulous options that meet a variety of budgets and needs. But space is limited, so be sure to APPLY NOW!

OPTIONAL Professional Branded Photoshoot

Gorgeous & professional branded photos taken during our retreats that you can use in your business.

24/7 Support & Accountability

You’ll meet your new best friends and always have a buddy or 5 to mastermind your amazing offers with.


You’ll get exclusive access to 2 special private


These optional 2 non-residential business mastermind immersions are in person deep dives to help you embody the teachings of the MBA. These immersions will quantum leap you in your Sacred Business. (Nominal Activity Fee Applies) to make a bigger impact.

Retreat normally $5000

Some of the skills you’ll learn
in the Muse Business Academy

Declare Your Vision

• Everything starts with a vision.
• Get decisive about your business strategy & set money & impact goals that you’re committed to reaching in the next 10 months.

Soulmate Client Research

• Are you attracting clients who don’t feel like a perfect fit? MBA will help you identify and speak to potential clients who you absolutely LOVE working with.
• Understand how they think and what compels them to take action so they KNOW you’re the mentor for them.

Boost your Confidence

• Increase your confidence in coaching and
facilitating by working directly
with your soulmate clients.
• Become a more masterful coach by jumping in and getting the experience you need to take things to the next level.

Grow your audience

• Business is all about building and growing relationships.

• In the MBA, you’re going to learn many different ways to grow your platform and reach more people

• You’ll choose which strategy will work best for you and have accountability and a plan to rock it out!

Creative Content & Storytelling

• Take the BORING out of marketing by treating it as an extension of your creativity.

• You’ll learn how to market in a way that feels fun and creative for you while developing your writing skills and learn how to tell your story in a way that magnetizes your people.

• You’ll be creating engaging posts, inspiring webinars and/or heart-centered copywriting that speaks to the heart of your soulmate clients.

Setting up your container

• The HOW of setting up strong agreements, holding clear boundaries, & time management so your business feels sustainable & empowered.

• Learn how to package up your offers into a private mentorship or group program to create recurring monthly income while keeping your operations smooth.

Your Signature Magical offer

• Create one signature offer that you can scale to create a 6-figure or 7-figure business and beyond. Keep your business plan simple by focusing on the areas that will make
the biggest difference.

the Sacred art of Sales

• Treat sales and enrollment like the sacred act of service that it is. STOP feeling disempowered when making an offer

• This skill is essential to master because it
is the foundation of your new, abundant, thriving income!

“I hired several life coaches with the anticipation that one of them would be a role model for me when it came to conscious entrepreneurship and pursued many, many certifications with the belief that I was not ready. After a consultation with Shereen she told me I had all the expertise within me already, and to stay focused on my zone of genius: Storytelling. The lies I was telling myself were that this niche doesn’t have value, but with every challenge given and the marketing mentorship provided by Shereen . I used to hate marketing, but now see it as a sacred process and a frequency that is meant to attract the magical clients who have been seeking me out.

I hired Shereen because I don’t see many examples of women of color doing this work successfully and unapologetically, and she’s so intuitive when it comes to calling you out when you’re stuck. Shereen is not for the faint of heart, so you do have to put in a lot of labor to see your business baby grow – but it’s worth it if you’re ready to birth a new life in alignment with your divine purpose!” -June Kaeswith| MBA Graduate


You’ll get access to the following courses PLUS a library of over 30+ IMPACTFUL video interviews with highly successful creative entrepreneurs & influencers giving you their best tips on how to scale your sacred business


If purchased separately


You’ll learn how to promote your magical offers using webinars, FB posts, and other types of content.

If purchased separately


To build a massive audience.
Includes 16 step-by-step lessons, scripts, and the frameworks and templates you need to successfully rock your future summit!

If purchased separately


Learn how to take prospects on the journey from lead to client
This program includes 3 in-depth modules, 14 lessons, and your very own sales script PDF.

If purchased separately


Learn how to monetize your purpose
6 Weeks to Living your Purpose
Coupled with Art of Sales you’ll be on your way to 6-7 figures in no time

= $3288


“If I had a roadblock, Shereen asked me exactly the right questions that got my mind to think in a different way. It’s OK to admit that we do need support and allies for certain things, and for me, my business is one of them. I don’t know how Shereen does it, but the questions she asks help me find the answers for myself.” ~ Kasan Kasan | MBA Graduate



is for you if you are…

A Visionary

You’ve been doing the inner-work and mastering your craft. You have a lot to share with the world and now you need the structure and support to make the impact you want to make. You see yourself making a full-time income doing your life’s work. There is no plan B, and you’re ALL IN.


You know the fastest path to financial freedom is to have a solid plan and stick to it. You’re not here to waste time and you want to grow your empire in the most efficient and fun way possible. You see the value in putting in the Sexy Structures so that your business will be stable and scalable. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall. You’re ready to work towards something BIGGER.


You know the secret to having a steady stream of ready-to-buy soulmate clients is consistency. You’re ready to show up for your facebook lives, podcasts, keynote speeches, workshops, or virtual summit. Although it might feel a little scary, you are willing to jump in and learn how to share yourself authentically with your audience. You’re committed to ramping up your marketing this year. You just need the support to figure out how to do share in the most effective way possible for you.


You’re not brand new to business. You’ve sold sessions here and there but you know you are capable of doing so much more. You want more free time and a brand that feels like YOU. You don’t want to hustle forever. You know that your greatest work has yet to be unleashed into the world. You’re ready to scale your business to reach those consistent $5-10k months while staying true to your values.

Ready to take action and COMMIT to your vision!

You know that there’s a BIG mission coming through you. You’re ready just GET STARTED NOW using what you have and leveraging it for success. The sooner you start, the faster your business will take off.

Professional Photoshoots included in our retreats

Fear no more.



I’m here to help you back your skills with proven marketing strategy & creative direction to manifest business MAGIC.

Is this your time

to become the successful,
intuitive business owner
you’ve always dreamed of?

Complete an application so i can learn more about you:

My Muse Business Academy grads
have been featured in

100+ Graduates
16K+ Community Members

4+ Successful Rounds of Academy

12+ years
Coaching / Education

If your application is approved, you’ll be invited to schedule a 1-on-1 Breakthrough Session to find out if it’s a fit for you. We’ll take a look at your business and find out together if this is the best next step.

I only accept entrepreneurs into the program who I know can get results.

Your breakthrough session will help me understand if this program will support you.

No sales tactics. No pressure. And if Muse isn’t a fit, I’ll do whatever I can to lead you in a direction that is.

I can’t wait to meet you and hear
all about your big dreams!


How is this program delivered?
Recorded module trainings, live group coaching calls, and in person immersions. If you choose to upgrade to our Accelerator level, you’ll also receive private mentorship with me, amongst other awesome perks.

Each month, you will be learning a different strategy and its implementation. You will receive 2-3 LIVE Q&A calls/month for you to get any questions answered. There will also be 24/7 Facebook group support you can access at any time to mastermind with your Muse Business Academy cohort.

Finally, you’ll have access to a robust Skill-Building Library where you’ll learn so much about branding, messaging, making powerful offers, marketing, list-building, live events, and so much more.

Why is this program 10 months long? Do you have anything shorter?

This program is 10 months long because that’s how long it takes to really set up a solid business foundation. In this program, you are going to grow your audience, create your signature offer, rock out your launch, package up your offerings, and learn how to consistently and dynamically market your business. You’ll get crystal clear on what are sharing with the world, work through your resistance, and create an unstoppable brand that stands out.

I don’t have anything shorter because I have really worked out my methodology and know that many of my clients need the spacious container to really get into the groove and flow of their businesses.10 months is how long it takes to carefully plan out your successful program launch & grow your audience. Within the container of 10 months, you’ll implement a plan that can help you double, triple, or 10x your income. You’ll want this spacious timeframe so that you can really work through any of those long-lasting habits that are preventing you from seeing the results you want.

I already have a business & don't want to be in a group of newbies. I've been in business for awhile, will I see results too? How do I know this is for me?
Trust me, I TOTALLY know what you mean!

If you’ve been doing the work but you know you could be creating a MUCH bigger impact than this program is going to help you start reaching your full potential. This means more income and impact while staying in alignment with who you are on a soul level. If you want to leverage your time, scale your business, package up your offerings, sell out your private mentorship, or launch a group program than this is the program for you.

Perhaps you have been in business for a while, but something feels a bit off. Like you know you are meant to be doing something else, something MORE. If that’s the case, than this program is going to help you to come into true alignment with your life’s work. Your business will flow so much easier, you’ll experience less resistance, and you’ll feel more fulfilled every day.

Or, you might be a conscious creatives who is ready to turn their spirit-driven side hustle into their full-time gig. If that’s the case, this program will help you launch a program that can help you reach those fabulous consistent 4 or 5 figure months.

OR, perhaps you’ve been in business for a long while but are completely sick of the old manipulative marketing tactics. You learned business in a way that feels oppressive, overly-masculine, or unnatural for your creative spirit. Queen, trust me, I know what you mean. There IS another way. One that feels in total integrity and impeccability. I’ll teach it to you in the Muse Business Academy

What you will learn here is all about how to grow and scale your existing business. This is the place to breakthrough to your next level. In this program, my clients have 2x, 3x, 10x’d their income while staying true to their creative spirit and heart-centered values. You’ll be happier, embodied, and feeling solid in your business growth and strategy.

I don’t have a website or anything started for my business. Should I wait to get things going before hiring a coach?

Definitely not! “Needing a website” is THE most common misconception amongst entrepreneurs. Wait to create your website until you are crystal clear about your messaging (which is what MUSE will help you become).

Just show up to the Muse Business Academy ready to work and commit to yourself and we will help you take it step by step. By following my strategies, it will be much easier to create your website after we’ve started. If you’re not sure which direction you should take your business, I recommend joining the Muse Business Academy before splurging on an expensive custom site. This way you’ll have total clarity when it comes time to create your website, and it will flow much more easily.

The Muse Business Academy is the perfect place for you to figure out exactly what you want to share with the world. Work with me and lets get you crystal clear about your life’s work and who your message is for.
Once you’ve completed the Muse Curriculum, you’ll have a much better understanding of who you are and what you do. Only then will your website be a breeze to create. For me, hiring a coach was my first step to taking my business to the next level. Many people waste time and money on things that they don’t actually need. A coach will help you navigate those common traps and mistakes that people make when trying to figure it out on their own.

I’m not exactly sure what I want my business to be about yet. Will the Muse Business Academy help me figure it out?
Yes and no. We expect you to come into this program with some sense of clarity and experience offering your services. We want you to be the subject matter experts in your field. If you join this program, you are making a commitment to stay on the cutting-edge of what’s happening in your industry. To read books on your niche, get lots of experience, and aim to be masterful at what you do.

Still, you are not alone if you feel unclear in your messaging. We will help you hone in on all of your offerings to find the one special niche that is truly yours. We will help you fine-tune your message so that you are attracting exactly the right people. And we will help you express the essence of who you are, without the confusion.

One of my gifts is helping people find their purpose, and as part of this program you will be gifted into the Divine Purpose Path, a 6-week course which addresses exactly this.
Let me tell you a story. My first year in business, I had NO IDEA what I would be doing. As I did the work, I spoke with lots of experts in my field, potential clients, and healers/intuitives.
Everyday, my message became more clear. Fear not, the same will happen for you. The clarity will come. Trust the process.

Remember that your message will continue to evolve as YOU evolve. You don’t have to have it all figured out but you DO need to have some sense of clarity on what you want to do and have some experience offering it already.

I’m already so busy with work/school. Will the Muse Business Academy overwhelm me? How much time will it take?
You can definitely make the most of the Muse Business Academy, even if you have a day job or are in school. In fact, this program is designed to help you turn your side hustle into your full-time hustle. If you know you want to switch directions in your career, I think it is incredibly wise to join this program while you have a day job of some kind.

I know this is a smart move for you because as someone with a day-job, you don’t have time to waste. You don’t have time to do things the long, arduous way. You certainly don’t have time for strategies that aren’t going to work for YOU (which is what most people who try to DIY their business end up with.) You have relationships to tend to, a creative practice to show up for, and all sorts of other interests that are vying for your time.

Having a coach takes the guess-work out of growing your business. Having a coach means you are choosing the more effective and impactful route, with less unnecessary setbacks. It means a community to help you snap out of it when discouragement and self-doubt start to creep in. How much time and money do you think that will save you in the long run? (hint: A LOT!)

You can successfully complete this program if you spend 1 hour a day, 5 days a week on it.
One of the main pillars of my business philosophy is that huge transformations and breakthroughs are possible through consistent, short amounts of time in action. 5 to 10 minutes here and there REALLY add up, especially if you have a strategic plan.

As with everything, you will get out of this what you put into it. Your business will take off faster the more time and energy you can put towards it. But, some people prefer to grow slow and steady, which totally works too. The most important thing is that you’re consistent.
You won’t be overwhelmed because I want your business to feel joyous, creative, and healing most of the time (not ALL of the time… there will be times where you are stretched.) Learning how to manage overwhelm is a huge part of growing as an entrepreneur. I’ll help you take things step-by-step.

I really want to take this program but I don’t think that I can afford it. Do you offer scholarships?

I’ve worked incredibly hard to make sure that this program is financially accessible to my audience. I have several payment options, early bird discounts, and extended payment plans to support you in receiving top-quality business guidance at a rate that makes it do-able to step in.

If this program speaks to you, I invite you to apply and stay open to the possibility that you CAN afford it. You can do anything you set your mind to. I believe in your sacred business and what you’re capable of, do you?

Trust me, I’ve been in the place that you are. Paying for my groceries with food stamps, unable to meet my friends for dinner, constantly work-trading so I could attend events. I had to think creatively and prove to myself that this was what I wanted to do by taking a leap of faith. I hired my first coach entirely on credit, even though I had no backup plan. It was so worth it for me in the end. It’s changed my entire life dramatically, and it will likely be that for you too.

Taking a risk and investing in my business education was what made me take my business seriously and was a huge part of what helped me finally become successful. It was the push I needed. I don’t want to deprive you of the opportunity to see what you’re made of. You will get more out of this program because you are investing in yourself.

This is the first test the universe is sending you. Can you get yourself over this mindset hurdle?Stay open. If this program speaks to you, fill out an application and figure out the “how” later.

I’m scared to invest and commit. What do you recommend?

This might be exactly what helps you finally take yourself and your business dreams seriously so that you can make it a reality. I understand it can be uncomfortable at first, but many of us entrepreneurs have been there. And there are ways to make this work, if it’s something that you truly want.

More often than not, it’s not actually about the money but about something else. I invite you to really explore where your fears around money are coming from, how they’ve held you back in your life, and if you’re ready to let them go so you can create the life that you’ve been dreaming of.

Look inside yourself. Write it down as a question. Dream about it. You can also call me anytime to set up a consultation and I can talk you through it.

All I can say is that if you really want this, you need support from someone who has walked this path to help you do it right. Ultimately, it will save you A LOT of time and money. That’s my professional opinion, backed by dozens and dozens of happy testimonials from Muse Business Academy graduates. 

I’ve taken online programs that were pretty disappointing and unengaging. How do I know this won’t be the same?

Trust me, I know what you mean. I’ve taken so many courses that I never kept up with. Because of this, I’ve designed this course in a way that almost ensures your engagement. First of all, this course takes place with lots of LIVE components.This program is fun, dynamic, and engaging and I believe you will LOVE to show up for it. 

All that I ask is that you listen to the LIVE calls no matter what. You can catch the recording if you must. If you stay connected with those, you will not fall too far behind and be able to navigate resistance as it comes up. 

My trainings are highly fun, engaging, healing, and creative. This will be unlike ANYTHING else you have ever taken, especially other business content out there. 

Frustrations and disappointments come up naturally whenever you start something new and challenging. I’m totally open to feedback and won’t let you down if you need my help. I also won’t tell you to join the program if it’s not right for you. 

I’m totally transparent about what it’s like to work with me. I’m also very specific about who I work with. It’s in my best interest to help you see results because I want happy clients with glowing testimonials (of which I have many!)

My program is not boring or disengaging. If you’ve experienced my work, and it brought you this far, chances are that you are an energetic and resonant match for what we do here. And that this might be just what you’re needing to make a powerful shift in your life. 

How do I know this will work for me?

I want to make sure this program is right for you too and will do everything in my power to make sure it is the right fit before we begin. There are limited spots in the Muse Business Academy and I am selective about who I work with. I only take on clients that I feel confident I can help. Poke around my testimonials and offerings and feel into your heart what the right next step is. Often, it won’t make financial sense or even logical sense, but you will have a FEELING that this is the right next step for you.

If that’s the case, you may need to take the leap of faith and make a promise to yourself that you’re going to get out of this what you are needing. I can’t guarantee how you will show up for this program, but I can provide the tools, container, support, creativity that will give you what you need to create your dream life and business. Only you can determine what kind of results you will have. But I know if you’re committed, miracles are possible. Perhaps spend some time getting clear about what you want to get out of this course. And then weigh out how much those results would be worth to you.

How much does this program cost? Where do I find the investment details?
Here’s the deal. Before talking about the investment, I want you to fill out an application and let yourself really consider what you want to create in your business. Then, if your application is approved, you’ll be invited to a private call with me where we will go over all of the details. On the call, you and I will discuss the different payment and investment options for Muse. There are several different options available to you. I do my best to meet a variety of needs and budgets.
Why am I waiting to tell you about the investment?
Because scarcity and lack mentality are a very real thing–especially amongst creative, spiritual entrepreneurs. So often, I’ve noticed that as soon as money comes into the conversation, many womxn immediately disqualify themselves. If you’re feeling called, I want you to fill out an application with an open heart. I don’t want you to feel constricted because of money. This is not the time or place for that constriction. First, let yourself dream. Don’t worry about the numbers right now. After you submit your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email with more details about your next steps.