Do you feel...

● Unclear, afraid, and unconfident while making offers for your mentoring packages, workshops, and programs?

● Guilty for wanting to increase your rates to something that’ll allow you to thrive?

● Unsure whether money and spirituality go together at all?

You deserve to be confident in sharing your soulful service.
You deserve to have clients lining up to work with you.
You deserve to feel safe & secure in your business growth.

Let me show you how!

Join me in

Magical Money Mindset Challenge

(or #RadiantMMM for short!)

Prepare to connect with your most creative and empowered self!

Master your money mindset so that you can press refresh on your relationship with sales.

Design your own Magical Signature Offer - the one that will get your dream clients lining up for you
Price it like a pro and sell with confidence like the business baddie you’re meant to be!

Get ready to live fully self-expressed AND finally hit those income goals!

Serve passionately, fall in love with your work, and receive abundantly!

Hi, I’m Shereen!

I’m here to help you master the sacred art of sales and enrollment so you can unleash the most powerful version of your business into the world!

I’ve helped my clients go from being afraid to charge money for their sacred work to:

● Package and launch their first powerful offers

● Understand, embellish, and share their messaging artfully

● Grow their platform online and SERIOUSLY activate their social media game

All while leading from a place of service, integrity, and love. I’ll teach you how to sell in the way that only YOU can, by letting your authenticity shine AND delivering tons of value at the same time. 
You’ll feel fearless, confident in your message, and able to communicate the value of your service uninhibitedly.

And you’ll serve more people while getting paid abundantly for it!

Here's a

sneak peak

into the challenge!

Day 1 - Active Abundance Consciousness

Learn the money mindset of the pros and the most liberated entrepreneurs. Transform your relationship with sales, learn to reprogram the scarcity mindset, and receive abundance into your life (without working wild hours that are depleting your energy).

Day 2 - Raise Your Rates & Boost Your Confidence

Find the Magical Signature Offer that your soul clients will love AND invest in. Clarify your messaging and create a powerful package that solves a high-level problem for your clients. You’ll feel confident raising your rates, and make a bigger impact.

Day 3 - The Sacred Art of Sales

Finally, step into your power and unleash your offer to the world! Go through a step-by-step blueprint for leading enrollment calls so you can organically invite the right people into your programs. You’ll be able to break through your sales anxiety and hit the mark with the RIGHT clients.

Day 4 - Dancing with Objections

Is part of what’s holding you back fear of rejection? It’s time to change that, Amazing One. You’re going to be completely prepared for any sales call, knowing how to confidently handle objections – the most common (and most intimidating) one being your client not having enough money to invest.

Day 5 - Spark Sustainable Success

Learn the secret sauce to creating consistent and sustainable results so you can get off the struggle bus and begin achieving your income goals. Access a clear action plan for moving forward so you can create the lasting abundance and consistency that you desire and deserve.

+ Win Prizes Worth Thousands of $$$

Stepping out of your comfort zone – even if it is only to step into a magical mindset – is a challenge, but your efforts will be seen and encouraged!

If you attend all 5 days, and do the homework, you might get a chance to win some SPECTACULAR bonus prizes(!!!)

Ready to transform your money mindset?

Lean into abundance and start earning what you deserve!


Ready to transform your money mindset?

Lean into abundance and start earning what you deserve!

You’ll uplevel your money mindset AND see an inspiring future for your Sacred Business.

This could be your new normal:

Ready to transform your money mindset?

Lean into abundance and start earning what you deserve!