Do you want to share your soul’s gifts with the world, but somewhere deep down… you feel unworthy of success?

Do you ever feel guilty for wanting to be successful?

Or believe that money and spirituality don’t go well together?

What if you could feel confident, creative and aligned with your soulful service?

To get there, let’s shift your vibration, uplevel your mindset, and help you embody your infinite worth.

You’re invited to join Magical Money Mindset!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

You know you want to share your gifts. You’re here to make a difference.

But even with the best of intentions, you’re still trying to prove your worth, struggling to monetize your following, and can’t seem to earn what you know — deep in your heart — is possible.

It’s time to end this version of your story because…

Your gifts are UNIQUE.
Your mission is BIG.
And you are DONE playing small.

This is for you if you want to:

Align with your soul’s purpose your and authentic self-expression

Facilitate life-changing transformations with magical ideal clients

Master your money and abundance mindset so you can scale your business

Create consistent, sustainable results that you can rely on in your business

If you’re ready to STEP UP as the brilliant coach and healer you are, I’m ready to guide you along the journey. This challenge is a magical space where your soul’s mission and your career align, and turn you into a magnet for high-vibrational abundance. 

Ready to amplify your income and impact
as a Wildhearted Entrepreneur?

You are ready to RISE as you:

Sell like a leader with confidence, clarity, and integrity

Skyrocket your income and impact with high-ticket offers

Create consistent, sustainable results that you can rely on in your business

If you’re ready to STEP-UP, I’m ready to teach you how – This is where manifestation and strategy collide and turn you into a supernova.

Ready to uplevel your money mindset, embody your value, and raise your rates?

Join me for Magical Money Mindset

I’ll help you create a signature offer that your SoulClients love!

In this challenge, I’ll not only help you connect to your most creative and fully-expressed self… I’ll also help you master your money mindset so you can create your very own Magical Signature Offer. Then, you’ll learn to price it like a pro and sell it with confidence!

This is for you if you want to live from the heart AND fill your client roster with ease. Get ready to serve more people, have way more fun, and receive abundantly!

Hi, I’m Shereen!

I’m here to help you master the sacred art of sales and enrollment so you can unleash your most powerful self into the world

I’ve helped my clients go from being afraid to charge rates for their sacred work to:

8x their income. 
Have their first $20k+ months. 
Book their first $10k+ clients

All while leading from a place of service, integrity, and love. I’ll teach you how to sell in the way that only YOU can, by letting your authenticity shine. You’ll be confident in your message and creatively expressed. And you’ll serve more people while getting paid joyously for it.

Here’s a Sneak peek at what we’re covering:

Because I know you’re ready to ignite your money mindset & sacred sales game to new levels

Day 1 - Activate Wealth Consciousness

Learn the money mindset of the pros and the wild at heart. You’ll transform your relationship with sales and revitalize your abundant energy to move you that much closer to your business goals.

Day 2 - Raise Your Rates & Boost Your Confidence

Find the Magical Signature Offer that your dream clients will love AND invest in. I’ll show you how to gain clarity around your message and create a powerful program that solves a high-level problem for your clients. You’ll create your offer while feeling confident raising your rates and making a bigger impact.

Day 3 - The Sacred Art of Sales

Finally step into your power and unleash your offer to the world! I’ll teach you my step-by-step blueprint for leading enrollment calls so you can organically invite the right people into your programs. You’ll clear the limiting beliefs preventing you from whole-heartedly sharing your gifts and totally transform your relationship to sales.

Day 4 - Dancing with Objections

Is part of what’s holding you back a fear of rejection? I’ve got you covered, Amazing One. You’re going to be completely prepared on any sales call knowing how to handle objections with confidence and grace.

Day 5 - Spark Sustainable Success

Sometimes business can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, but it doesn’t have to. I’ll share my secret sauce to creating consistent and sustainable results so you can enjoy the ride. I’ll give you a clear action plan for moving forward so you can create the lasting abundance and consistency that you desire and deserve.

Are you excited?
Me too!

+ Win Exclusive Bonus Prizes

You’ll also get the chance to win incredible BONUS PRIZES like 1:1 coaching with me,
my Sacred Business Energetics and Wildheart Business Essentials courses,
and even a partial scholarship to my Sacred Art of Sales program!
Get all the details on how when you sign up for the challenge.


It’s time to sell your programs and serve more people, Radiant One.

Your gifts were meant to be shared with the world!

Join the Magical Money Mindset Challenge to unleash your creativity, magnetize abundance, and create the Magical Signature Offer only YOU can!

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Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Ready to amplify your income and impact as a Wildhearted Entrepreneur?

Join me for

5 Day Magical Money Mindset Challenge.

I’ll help you tap into your gifts and create a Magical Signature Offer that your Soulmate Clients will love!