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I believe that

We are all healers

We have a soul-deep calling to fulfill a greater purpose. We see the world and others in need, and people out of alignment, the flow of life-giving and sacred energy blocked, and we cannot ignore the call. We are determined to leave this world better for our being here. We are in business to heal.

We grow (and glow)

to Serve

We fearlessly commit all of ourselves and all available wisdom— strategic and spiritual—to manifesting our highest form of success. As we embrace sustainable business growth, our work shines further and more brightly. As we become visible, our message uplifts and amplifies our positive impact.

We keep it


We tell it like it is. Some days business just isn’t non-stop instagram-pretty moments. We honor the tough stuff—the discomfort and disappointment and resistance—as part of the journey, and then we get back on the path.

We practice


We welcome divine guidance and support through sacred and energetic practices. Our business toolkit can include crystals, oracle cards and plant medicine alongside our iPhones and laptops. We’re as likely to be vision-painting and sitting in ceremony between working with clients and leading webinars.

We take aligned action

(again & again)

We don’t wait for perfect clarity or readiness before we take action towards our goals. Action is the path to clarity and knowledge. We take action repeatedly, consistently and joyfully, sometimes while feeling vulnerable or nervous. We use our tools and sources of support, and we keep taking action.

We stay


We don’t dull our magic or restrain our wildhearted spirit. We dare to dance and play and laugh. We know the more we show up as our wild, badass selves, the more radiant our business becomes. The more authentically we shine, the more we attract our magnetic clients.

We thrive

in Community

We are muses for each other. Our wildhearted sisters are not competition, but allies on our path. We witness, inspire and cheer each other on, knowing that as each woman fulfills her brilliance, we are all made more radiant.

We treat ourselves

with Reverence

We practice self-devotion—caring for body and spirit, holding to our truth, and showing up for ourselves each day. Joy and well-being is our compass. We fill ourselves to overflowing, knowing that when we do, we have more to share.

Our impact

is Exponential

We ignite change further than we can imagine. As we grow fully-aligned and profitable businesses, we inspire other wildhearted women to blaze their own paths to personal fulfilment and financial freedom. And they inspire others. We are putting more money into the hands of conscious healers and together we have the power to light up the world.

From my Wildheart to yours, Let's start a

Creative Revolution!

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