The world ? feels heavy right now, and there is a whole lot going on!

I’ve been thinking so much about my community as we go through this difficult time.

Over the weekend, things changed a lot here in the U.S. in terms of what’s going on with Coronavirus, AKA COVID-19.

It’s a scary time. I’ve moved through my own rollercoaster of being afraid and uncertain of what to do.

Should I stay home? ?

How am I going to not be in contact with people?

How will this affect my business? 

Should I take this seriously?

I’ve come to a place where I’ve found some powerful silver linings that I’m excited about. I know this time is difficult, but I wanted to share with you what I see as an opportunity here.

Look, I know many people are afraid about their own livelihood right now (and rightfully so).

Many people are wondering how they’re going to pay rent. What does being stuck in quarantine mean? How will my life change and how will this affect me?

There’s a lot going on in the collective. There’s a lot going on on the planet.

I’m standing in the opportunity of what’s happening and I’m going to share with you my perspective on what I think your mission is at this time.

The Importance of the Digital World

You may have already noticed that many people are looking to move their businesses online. Generally speaking, online business and online marketing are becoming more important than ever.

As it stands right now, many people are voluntarily quarantined or recommended to stay at home. People are glued to their computer screens and taking in lots of information and offerings. They’re looking for support and resources to continue their lives, businesses, and healing online.

They need our help now more than ever.

People need you to stand in your truth, to offer solutions, to be a light, to shine the way for them to get through this.

Now is not the time to shrink back. It’s the time to double-down.

If you do find yourself needing to pause, or turned upside down by what’s going on, I want you to know you’re not alone… and this is not your fault! I believe the planet needs your light and your message. Give yourself the time to take the rest, but when you’re ready to come back, know that your people are waiting to hear from you. ?

Your presence here is important and your message is exactly what people are waiting for. You are needed now more than ever. There is great power in owning and operating your own business – and now is the time to give it all you’ve got!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been doing lots of personal development, spiritual work, and healing for many years… This is the medicine that so many others are seeking as well. Right now, in this moment, you can put all of that into practice by offering it online.

We don’t know how long this situation is going to last, but I know that many of my peers and many of the people here reading this have put in the time to cultivate your online platform and build out your offerings so that they’re accessible remotely.


Building your online presence happens by showing up consistently over time.

If you’re ready to join a courageous community of individuals taking their gifts online and tuning into what the world is asking us for, then I want to invite you to join my Wildheart Entrepreneurs group on Facebook.

Worldwide Revolution and Impact

I truly believe that every single one of us came here to this planet at the same time for a reason.

There is a reason why you are here on this planet right now during these major collective shifts.

You have this beautiful opportunity to stay inside, go within, and reduce your carbon footprint. I, along with so many others, am traveling less, flying less, and in my car less.

When I go to the store, I’m more mindful than I’ve ever been about what I actually need.

What should I leave for others?

Right now, you are living in a beautiful collective shift. People are starting to wake up. People are becoming more mindful, more intentional, and traveling less (whether by choice or by force).

We’re already seeing the effects of this reduction across the world.

Our Planet is Healing

In China, where the outbreak was the most intense, pollution has almost completely cleared. There are images circulating the internet from NASA that portray an aerial space view showing an amazing transformation of the area. Skies are blue for the first time.

In Venice, for the first time in 60 years, you can see clearly through the water to the bottom of the canals.

And in the U.S., communities are banding together and supporting one another in ways we haven’t seen before.

Just like us, the Earth is taking a sacred pause.

Mother Gaia is asking us all to pause and take time to love, nurture, and care for ourselves in ways that we may have put off. At the same time, she’s healing herself.

For that, I’m grateful. To me, that feels like a huge gift on behalf of our planet.

We’re All Here on a Mission

You came at this time to this planet because you’re part of this shift that’s happening. You are part of this awakening consciousness and paradigm shift.

We’re in business for the new paradigm. One that stands for the collective benefit of our global community and our beautiful planet.

Right now, you’re seeing lots of people starting to wake up. You’re learning a lot about what kind of society you want to live in and what values are truly important to you.

You have a role in creating the shift you want to see.

You have a choice to take this opportunity to commit to yourself, to your business, to the planet.

Personally, I feel a much deeper sense of my Divine Purpose. I’m feeling much more free to express myself to the fullest because I can see that it’s NEEDED.

For those of us who are in the personal development space – all of you coaches, healers, mentors, and guides – this will eventually be good for your business. You can come out of this stronger than when you started.

Stay the course.

We are in this together.


People need your light.

People need your hope.

People need your message right now more than ever.

Take this opportunity to go inward and know that you will come out of this cocoon as a beautiful butterfly ready to spread your wings.

You have a choice here. Use this time wisely. Make it your own.

I know many of us have been praying for a Pause button so you can do the things you love:

  • Painting, dancing, writing music, or another artform
  • Reading your extensive collection of unread books
  • Cooking yourself healthy meals with love and intention
  • Taking an online yoga or breathwork class

The possibilities are endless!

So, in conclusion… 

Yes, this whole COVID19 situation is still scary at times.

Yes, there are still things that we do not know.

We aren’t certain how this is all going to work out or what’s going to happen next.

But, this could be the perfect opportunity to level up your game, stand in your power, and shine your light to the world at a time where we need you.

It’s time to step it up in your business and express yourself even more fully.

I understand if you’re feeling a bit of fear, concern, and maybe totally freaked out by your business, but I want you to take a higher-level view of everything that’s going on.

Imagine yourself one or two years down the line after this — having really committed to your gifts and your business at a time when humanity was asking for you.

I’d love to hear where you’re at and how you’re feeling.

Even if you’re not feeling so great. Even if you’re concerned, let me know how I can help you!

I’m here for you!

If you’re ready to connect with a community of supportive entrepreneurs, join us in my Facebook group — Wildheart Entrepreneurs.

I’m excited for all of us to heal from this and grow from this even more deeply into our purpose and into our paths as trailblazers on this planet at this very critical, crucial time.