A Masterclass to Awaken Your Purpose…

5-Steps to Connect to Your Business Muse
and Find Your Divine Purpose

Make room to Attune to your Big Juicy WHY so you can finally get clear on your purpose and turn it into a revolutionary sacred business.

Presented by:
Shereen Sun is a creativity-powered Sacred Rebel spirit teacher and business coach that believes real success shows up when you are aligned, in flow, on purpose, and having fun!

You’ll learn:

An intuitive sacred process to invite a deep sense of inner knowing about what it is you’re here to do

The 5-steps to connecting with your business muses anytime you need more clarity, confidence, and motivation to follow your heart

Practical next steps to help you put your purpose into motion and create a revolutionary business centered around your gifts

Ever since I can remember I’ve always felt like I was made for more. 

The status quo just wasn’t my jam and growing up I rebelled against what was expected of me in favor of what felt right. 

But it always felt like something was missing…  Even after getting a degree in education, teaching art to creative little kiddos, and starting a non-profit — I still felt like I wasn’t fully awake to my true calling. 

After years of soul searching, I finally tapped into my true purpose helping women awaken to their innate creative power and build businesses and lives that change the world and themselves. 

The business muses came to me and I learned how to connect with them anytime I felt lost, overwhelmed, or like I’d lost my way. Now, I’m here to help you do the same. 

See you on the other side, radiant one!

Psst… this isn’t some cookie cutter process that looks the same for everyone.

I’ll be sharing the 5-steps you can take to experience YOUR business muses and get clarity on your own terms.

“Shereen’s ability to not just encourage me stepping more into my business’s potential, but provide systems to encourage greater momentum is inspiring. Joining Shereen has been a full yes since the moment I heard of it and I continue to thank myself for this life changing choice.
My business of three years has been stuck between its next phase of growth and development. I couldn’t have found a more fitting teacher to nurture my growth!”

- Saera Burns, Clairvoyant & Channeler, Canada

“Working with Shereen has been absolutely life changing. I’ve worked with her for over 3 YEARS now and as soon as she entered my life, she became a powerful symbol of what is possible for me. To see another woman own her purpose and UNAPOLOGETICALLY share her unique gifts with the world has empowered me to do the same. I have been able to get VERY CLEAR on my offerings, build a larger audience, start working with long term clients, and make MORE MONEY than I ever have before with my healing services. Shereen is a well of knowledge and a BRILLIANT business mind. If you are thinking about working with her, do your future self a favor and say yes!”


- Shadae Bowen, Abundance Coach